Monday, June 24, 2013

'ard of 'earing - Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite at Firefly Festival - 6/23/13

I had originally planned on attending all three days of the 2nd annual Firefly Festival but as the dates approached my friend and I decided to part ways with our tickets. Then Thursday night I got home from work only to discover that The Lumineers had been forced to cancel and Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite would replace them on the bill (despite having played in Colorado the night before). We decided it'd be worth the trip considering I'd gone to the DC show earlier this year. It rained right before Ben's set and the crew actually asked the crowd to back-up so they could dump some of the rain off the stage's covering during the band's set up. Looking none the worse for wear despite travelling cross-country the band took stage a few minutes after 4 PM and launched into a 70 minute set. I tried keeping a setlist but the off and on rain made it impossible so I apologize in advance, these notes are based on my memory (which is usually pretty good). I'm sure the setlist will appear online shortly. They kicked off with "I Don't Believe A Word You Say" and then "Get Up!" Charlie took the mic with the "The Blues Overtook Me." After this point the songs may be out of order but Ben intro'd the band and mentioned that "She Got Kick" was about his daughter. They also took turns on the vocals of "Homeless Child." "I'm In I'm Out and I'm Gone" was in there as well as Charlie on vocals for "Long Legged Woman" and one other I don't remember the name of (I think it was "I'm Goin' Home). I think "Blood Side Out" was in there and then a killer version of "I Ride At Dawn." As the skies threated the band went back and forth as Charlie and Ben joked with each other over who would kick off the closer, a cover of Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks." It brought the crowd alive again and the band jammed on the riffs throughout the song. They thanked the crowd and despite chants of "one more song" the band left the stage. Charlie returned shortly afterwards to claim his harmonicas and case however another song was not to be. It was worth the trip however and as Ben's shirt said, "Gracias." For those wanting to see The Lumineers, they're currently scheduled to play WXPN's XPOnetial Festival ( for info) next month.



Ben & Charlie


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